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Please support our wacky OKCaveman videos | OKCaveman is a humorous take on life set in a time when following the paleo diet meant desperately looking for lunch.

We are starting with short clips and will eventually launch a scripted series with an ensemble cast of actors and amazing artwork from talented artists as we venture out into the funny corners of our paleolithic animated world.

Your support is critical to our ability to hire and discover independent artists who will create characters and backgrounds, voice actors (for the future scripted series), and licence music.

If you appreciate humor and the arts, and have the ability to keep our fire lit, please support us today.

Thank you so very much!

P.S. It also really helps when you subscribe or follow, “like” our posts, and of course share the link to our posts. So even if you can’t support us financially, if you want to help, just those tiny steps are super important. I mean, not discovery of the wheel important, but pretty close. 🙂

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