Crowdfunding Fan Funding FanBeach.comFor Immediate Release

August 19, 2019, the ultimate crowdfunding & fan funding site, moves to Open Beta after a Closed Beta soft launch in May 2019. After a successful start with invited creators, the innovative company has opened its doors to all creators of quality content.

No Hate Zone
Nearly any creator doing original, legal, and humane work in any media, whether video, photography, podcasts, painting, music, sculpture, or dance, is welcome to join. However, the site is not going to provide services for the adult entertainment community nor any extremist segments of society regardless of their philosophy. FanBeach is proudly a “no hate zone.” 

The company is built on the premise that distinct elements of each culture should be recognized and appreciated. It is the sharing of those novel qualities of the best of humanity that has built bridges across generations and geographies. FanBeach believes that from savory food to fascinating films and music, the palette of life is more colorful and interesting when we share our best with new friends and travelers from afar.

Pure Fan Funding
Recognizing that creators are struggling with the explosion of social media platforms and intense pressure to maintain a work-life balance, FanBeach is uniquely designed as a pure crowdfunding & fan funding site, not a membership platform. At FanBeach, fans support creators because they love what they do and wish to see them grow and prosper, not because they are promised a tote bag, sticker or private chat. For FanBeach creators this means no time, energy or money is wasted searching for merchandise to buy, sell and then ship to supporters.

At, every creator account includes:

  • The ability to offer a monthly support tip jar, a one-time tip jar, or both!
  • Clear, fair, flat rate pricing, with no sign-up, monthly fees or other hidden costs.
  • A full-featured digital download store for sales of eBooks, videos, audio files like music and podcasts, photos, artwork or graphic novels. How creators use their digital storefront is limited only by their imagination.
  • An industry-leading Affiliate Program enables creators to earn even more by bringing their fans and even other creators* to FanBeach.

*All creators in good standing may join the Standard Affiliate Program. The Enhanced Creator Affiliate Program is an ideal program for websites and influencers with an audience of creators, but is subject to application approval.

FanBeach LLC is a California-based company formed by creators for creators — photography, filmmaking, writing, painting, graphic design, music and more.