Instagram offers some excellent ways to share your fan funding link. It is very important that you make use of all of them to achieve the best results.

Here is a FanBeach creator post and account that demonstrates the best practices outlined below. Be sure to take a look at the on-screen graphic at the end of the video, the caption text, and the link in the account’s bio on Instagram: DogExplorer (a new window will open – or visit that account via the Instagram App)

  1. In videos thank your fans on-screen while placing a graphic with your link next to the thank you.

    The on-screen (graphic/text) version could be:

    My videos made possible by my wonderful fans.
    Please become a fan today at
    (or click on the link in my bio)

    Optionally you could also include a verbal (voice) thanks and call to action along the lines of:

    My videos are made possible by the generous support of you, my wonderful fans. If you haven’t already, please become a fan today at or click on the link in my bio.

  2. Be sure to include the call to action and link in your post captions. Your fans can’t support you if they don’t know about your fan funding offer. Using a service like is great but it hides your fan funding item. Please follow the best practices illustrated below to be sure your fans know they can show their love.

    In the body (also known as the caption field) of the video (or photo post) place a similar message to the on-screen example version like this:

    My videos and photos are made possible by my wonderful fans. Please become a fan today at (or please click the link on my from my bio)

  3. Go back over your older posts and add the “body/caption field version” to the body of those posts.

  4. Visit your “Bio” and edit the website adding your link.

  5. Note: Please consider keeping/adding monthly support. Ask us for help in putting it back in your item if you removed it and let your fans decide if they wish to support you monthly or just one time.